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Cornell Ingredients Corporation (CIC) is a Manila-based company with more than 30 years of experience in the specialty food ingredients industry.

CIC believes in helping the Philippine food industry grow by providing high quality ingredients and solutions.

We provide excellent customer service and technical support to forge strong relationships between our global network of partner principals and our local customers.

We work closely with our customers to innovate and improve their products through ingredients that add functionality, texture, taste, nutrition, and value.


To be the leading provider of quality food ingredients and solutions in the Philippine food industry.



Having a diverse portfolio of synergistic and quality ingredients to address customer needs.


Working hand in hand with our customers to add more value to their products.


Forging strategic partnerships with our global suppliers to keep abreast on the latest solutions and technology.


Conducting ourselves with professionalism, integrity, sincerity, and fairness.

Quality Policy

Cornell Ingredients Corporation aims to be a world-class supplier of food ingredients, prioritizing excellence in quality and food safety to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our customers. We are committed to achieving this through collaborative teamwork and continuous improvement with a heightened emphasis on ensuring food safety.

To realize our mission, we recognize the importance of maintaining high-quality standards in all aspects of our operations. Out committment extends to a vigilant adherance to food safety protocols, in addition to compliance with staturotry, regulatory, and other relavant legal requirements. This comprehensive approach understores our unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier food ingredients while prioritizing the safety and well-being of consumers.

Core Values



We strive to satisfy our customers with excellence in quality and inn service by catering to their needs and exceedingt heir expectations.



We believe goodwill and good reputation is core to our business; we uphold Honesty, Sincerity, Professionalism and a high level of business ethics.



We cultivate talent and leadership to create sound business quality food ingredients and solutions to best meet our customers’ needs and to develop market, people and shareholder values.



We learn from our experiences and best global practices. We offer quality food ingredients and solutions leveraging on world-class knowledge. We embrace positive change brought forth by innovation and aspirations to grow business.

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